I just came back from san francisco from pulling a all nighter with the homie christan , I didnt have a good camera on me, so you get the best of the best straight from the sk3

a buck twenty round trip

it always stinks like shit in bakersfield, keep baking them pies


probably spent like a bill on beer and snacks, stuck on a train with no smoke breaks!I had to do something…
the only good picture I could take, the house of uncle jessie lol (sara knows what up)

got to stop by the huf store and checked out their 40% off sale, I got it for cheap!
I’m glad to be back home!


2 Responses

  1. Ooo I miss my full house… 😦
    Filming in san fran was nice…
    Comet loved the park….LOL

    Good times- I wanted a snow globe 😦 lol

  2. So r those your bombs skeeet? You must have beeen killin Frisco.. I see you be doing it All State…

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