7 Responses

  1. Your Blog is weak!!!!! not unique at all….
    This is tight this is wack
    blah blah blah…

  2. Get a life homey! It’s just a blog.

  3. Punk ass leva! Hiding behind the screen.

  4. shut up Internet Gang Bangers!!!!!!
    I know its just a blog Duhhh…..

  5. aye dawg this annt no p-line for you to talk shit, keep ur dumb comments to your self

  6. Calmado Leva!!!!!
    Or else your going
    to get skeeted on……

  7. Real SPIT..This Essay speaking HOMO..
    GOtta take that weak ol’ east los slang back to wetback boyle heights!!
    Kilos and GRAMS Keeps it gritty you fake swagger jackin HOMO’s!!!

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