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meet ROXY!
May 31, 2007

If you know ian.BREEZY then you know the new girl in his life. shes the prettiest one yet.ahhahaha. Lets see how long he keeps this one.


HELLZ BELLZ summer 07′
May 31, 2007

Mrs.Lawn has yet again brought whats hot for the ladies to rock this summer. I’ll be sure to copp my girl these hot HELLZ BELLZ goodies. So if you have a girlfriend or a lovely lady friend make sure you get her one of HB’z gear.

May 31, 2007

Has streetwear been played out??? We’ll just have to see what these new companies will bring this fall/winter.
I’ve seen too much watered down and bullshit designs out too many copy cats but I guess thats street-wear on how you can take a design and make it yours and better.

UNDTFD fall 07 preview.
May 31, 2007

The boys at UNDFTD got some good shit coming out for fall. I’ll defitnetly be getting these new eras for sure to build my collection. Much love to Jordan(UNDFTD) for dishing out these dope designs.

I just happend to think this was funny…
May 31, 2007

While $ound$ waiting for his kicks @ the Adidas store on Melrose.

May 31, 2007


A sneaker boutique for women…

Relax IANBREEZY…Im sure everybody knows by now…

Break-PAST with IanBreezy…
May 31, 2007

Woke up early this morning to grab a bite to eat with IANBREEZY from Good-HA…

Party @ MUNKY KING on melrose 5.31.07
May 31, 2007

05.31.07 @ Munky King Melrose
RED DEMON BLACK BEAN release party and signing…thats tomorrow…!!!

7-11pm release party and artist signing

edition of 250
$60 retail

RED DEMON original and
MINI GOBI original will also be available…!


Come on out and meet the RED DEMON BLACK BEAN
and shake hands with creators Bill and Jerry.
Bill will be sketching for everyone who buys a MUTTPOP product.

Bill has traveled all the way from France to be with us
so please, lets show him a great time!

Come one, come all and bring your thirst for art, toys, music, and beverage…!

GREYONExSOCIAL MANILA trip coming soon…
May 31, 2007

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Me and the click have been meaning to go to the motherland to check out GREYONExSOCIAL.So hopely before magic this year or maybe after we get a chance to visit the store.We were shown some pictures and the shop looks dope clean and full of goodies.

May 26th. @ NACIONAL.
May 30, 2007

Roman Times( Hall of fame) & Brittany IANBREEZY’s lovely lady friend.

IANBREEZY & his lady friend just loungin’…

Here me and I to the B chillin outside club NACIONAL while waiting for Roman Times(Hall of fame). Here were seen rockin some of HALL of FAME’s t-shirts. check out IANBREEZY’s nike iD’s…OH soo sweet!!!